bition, which attracted larg

ural residents and a 3D printing machine.BeiDou Navigation Satell▓ite SystemThere were several interactive d▓emonstrations of the capacity of Be▓iDou, one of the most advanced satellite network

ion also presented exampl▓es of China

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trol ope▓rations in southwest China’s Yunnan province, which has borders with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.There could be even bigge

r achievements ahead for BeiDou, which has an an▓nual turnover of $31.5billion, could even overtake GPS in global usage once it is completed and▓ all 35 of its satellites are in operation, w▓hich is scheduled to happen in 2020. According▓ to China Satellite Navigation Office, it will be more accurate than GPS.Health check systemAnother of the highlights was a machine that is used in remote areas of th

's technological advancements, includi

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e country that can test users for health problems. Users stand on sc▓ales and have some scans on their arms an▓d hands to determin

e any issues. When ▓the user scans their ID card, the user’s l▓ocal hospital can then be informed of any proble▓ms.The machine, manufactured in Xianyang, Shaanxi province, has been in use for one year; it is currently used in northwest China's Qinghai and Gansu provinces. The system ha▓s huge potential to monitor users

▓ng the AG600 hydroplane, a self-dr

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’ health co▓nditions and resolve any medical issues as soon as possible,▓ while they are still treatable.3D

printing machine▓Another popular exhibit was a 3D printing mac▓hine that could recreate intricate patterns and designs using mashed potato in a matter of ▓moments. This is just a simple demonstration of how i▓mpressive and efficient 3D printing can be. And ▓China, as one the biggest manufacturing countries i▓n the world, has embraced

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